Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Toy Story Free Falling

The main scene I have been struggling with (and somewhat leaving until last to concentrate on the other scenes) is the Freefall sequence. I have had trouble due to the director changing his mind on what he wants and also deciding how complex to make the sequence.

Finally we decided to just have the characters falling straight, and I would like to keep the pulling section at the beginning so they are fighting over the chicken, but the ending was undecided.

I have used these two Toy Story references as it shows the two paths I could take. The first is very controlled and is more like a planned free fall with the arms out and kind of 'floating' down to the ground. The second is much more panicky and shows the desperation by the arms keep flapping in the air.

I particularly like the second one and feel this would be perfect to use for the Mongolian as he would be panicked as he falls to the ground. I am not sure what to use for the Marmot however, I may make him calmer as it would suit his cheeky character better and also he will seemingly be in control as he ends with the chicken in his possession at the end of the scene. Furthermore, too much movement in the scene may make it look unappealing to the audience and I do not want to confuse them. I am going to test this tonight and see if it suits the characters.

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