Thursday, 19 May 2011

Scheduling Number Two: Shots Defined

Here are the shots and who they have been given to:

Animation Shots - SNATCHED

1. Camera Zoom in eagle view, Mongolian walking to fire.

2. Marmot sniffing the smell

3. Marmot poke head up behind rock. Mongol is cooking by fire.

4. Marmot sneaks up behind man

5. Mongol looks around, Mongol and Marmot come face to face

6. Marmot steals the Chicken and runs away

7. Reaction Shot of Mongolian upset and Angry about food being taken.

8. Marmot runs away over hills in distance

9. Mongol runs towards camera

10. Mongol runs over hills after marmot.

11. Mongol chase marmot up a hill. Marmot Jumps on rock and goes to start sliding down the hill. Mongol Trips on rock and fly’s forward (in Slow motion)

12. Sliding down hill.

13. Camera shake towards log – Hands Shaking

14. Marmot and Mongol Sliding through log.

15. Both slide out of log, Marmot get grabbed in mid air

16. Free-Fall Fighting

17. Climb out of ditches both Mongol and marmot.

18. Marmot and Mongol run cycle over the hills

19. Mongol runs up hill, side view no legs showing

20. Marmot Jumps over Rocks

21. Mongol reaches top of hill slowly – out of breath, Marmot dancing

22. Mongol takes chicken from the marmot, Reaction shot from Marmot.

23. Zoom out- Eagle Wing shot and Fly over

24. Marmot points out the eagle behind him, jumping up and down and flapping his arms to try make him protect the food.

25. Mongol looks around at bird – Reaction shot as food gets swiped from his hand.

26. Bird snatches chicken close up.

27. Bird fly’s off with chicken

28. Reaction shot of both of them, Mongol gets his great idea

29. Marmot swinging from Spit

Aims for the week:

SAM – 20.

DEAN – 4. 13. 17

DAVID – 14. 15. 1

HAYLEY – 16. Marmot Run Cycle

TARA – 2. 3. 12. Majority of Final Scene (24 - 28)

ROB- 11. Mongol Run Cycle

I anticipate that we should be ready with the animation within four weeks, pushing hard to get one or two shots done a week so that by the beginning of June at the very lastest we can start rendering and compositing.

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