Thursday, 19 May 2011

Man Changes

I've scaled the hand to match the rig it looks better now, although the coat was smaller aswell

I changed the eyes in Mudbox but when I imported it back I had to smooth it to make it look ok, which adds more polygons. Let me know if this is ok otherwise I will try doing the edge loops or smoothing in Maya tomorrow. Sorry I haven't done more my laptop has been playing me up all afternoon.

I had to redo everything because when I seperated the body as an obj it went all wierd, I think because of the S things in the scene, I do not know what influences it had on the geometry. However, I have started it again and used Mudbox to change the shape of the face slighty. The eyes are now slanted and the bumps near his chin are gone. The eyes are not the same size exactly though I couldn't get them to match as Sam had not modelled them the same on each side again... hopefully it will not be that noticeable though :)

You can see what I mean here, when I seperated it he went all blocky like the one on the right. The model on the left is all scaled now so I will send it to Dean for UV mapping and finish the rig tonight.

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