Saturday, 28 May 2011


I said at the start of this term that we would have the animation finished half way through May ready for compositing. Unfortunately for me this is far from the case. At the end of April, just when the character rigs had been finalised, I fell down the stairs and ended up in Intensive Care. This meant I was ill for quite a bit of the term so far, and has also lead to me cutting down on some scenes. As I have said before it is quality not quantity and discussing this with my tutor has given me faith to only create the shots listed above rather than taking on too much and doing all of the run sequences aswell. These have now been given to Rob to complete.

I have not been into the University building much but have kept in contact with my team via texts and email, and posted regularly on the group blog.

This has pushed my work back by a couple of weeks, and I aim to have my shots finished by the first week of June at the latest so that Sam has time to render and composite the footage together.

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