Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ice Age 3


1. Scratt against the tree similar to the Marmot hiding

2. Leads with his nose to smell the acorn

3. Manny on edge of the cliff - nice stylised trees too - could be good shot idea

4. The same position camera changed to above

5. Manny falls onto the trees - again nice and stylised with Mountains in the background

6. This is a later sequence with Syd chasing the dino eggs. Here they are running down a hill

7. Syd trips on a stone like our character hit the tree

8. Nice low angle looking up the hill at them. This is how I imagined the shot of the Marmot where the eggs are followed by the Man where Syd is

9. Syd then hits a bit of tree and slides down the rest of the hill on it

10. Nice long shot from the air to vary the camera shots

11. He then also goes inside of a tree this is nice to vary the action and provide a gag

12. POV almost got the egg. The trees and background look really nice here too. Maybe if we added a bit of snow on the trees we could stylise them like this when on higher ground.

13. At the end he hits a ramp and they all go flying into the air, a bit like we had it. This is a really nice shot with him central as the camera pans to follow him. And again the backgounds look awesome.

I urge everyone to watch this film it is awesome reference

This video is just to reference Scratt leading with his nose around the tree and also how they pull the acorn from one to the other fighting with it.

The trailer for it is also really useful:

The sweeping camera is really good for our establishing move at the beginning. There is also the idea of them walking through snow and pushing against it if you want to use the mountain. Also Mike said about holding the man in midair and this is a perfect example, and is funny as he steps in the air before he falls. We could definitely use that as one of the gags.

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