Saturday, 28 May 2011



Heres feedback for your animations, hopefully its constructive

Marmot_Running over hills.....

The camera for that shot needs to come back, showing more of the hills (Check anamatic), and the marmot needs to run right from the left corner for longer than when hes running in the distance. Make him slower in the first second, with him on screen more/closer up to show him running.

Run cycle has improved, Can we see him from the side and back, just post it up.....

Shot 7 - Close_UP face: Head seems to Ropey, needs some weight, he wants to look around quickly, so pause at beginning with shocked expression, and then goes into angry face after the head has turned. (I would show you Davids idea, when he does it its sooo funny! :-))

Shot 6 - You don't need to animate him getting up, we wanna see the mongol with the chicken, then the marmot take it away from him. (This would mean using two pieces of chicken and matching them up and animating the visibility of them to see one from the other, if you need help with this, i will go through it with you.) So the Mongol holds the chicken with the marmot holding the chicken standing in front of him both looking at each other (First pose), then the marmot whips it away from him and gets into a running pose. The the marmot runs off really fast, (Probably be having a motion blur in this point) much the same like the road runner sequence.

Shots 22,23 - liking the holding chicken side to side dancing, we need to take out the spinning, coz otherwise we think that the marmot will see the mongol, so rock him side to side again and then hold up the chicken like a trophy. The mongol should come up, take a couple stomp steps and then snatch the chicken, then when the marmot turns around he should be in right position for next shot.

I cant tell what you have done to your rig from your post, i suggest you re-import a new rig of yours again and then copy your animation frames to new one.....

Falling sequence - First pose is them together holding each other should follow from davids, the shot starts with just the side of the cliff, they both come into the shot and they should both leave the shot realizing the are gonna hit the ground.... the chicken can be falling separate at beginning and then the marmot jumps on mongol to get to the chicken, the jumps need to be slightly faster, but we realize you have only blocked them out.....

We are all getting feedback from dan for our animation, so you may wanna do the same.
we cant keep giving you feed back by email, cos it takes so much longer than if you were here with us.

From Tara and David and Gang

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