Sunday, 22 May 2011

Scene 21 and 22 Update

This is the first pass of scenes twenty one and twenty two. The two are probably going to be combined into one shot as it is a continual movement of him sneaking up behind the Marmot and grabbing the chicken.

Before this I just had the Marmot dancing on the spot with the chicken, so it is vastly improved in that the Mongolian is there and it is within the environment. I needed the environment to be here early in the production of the scene as the geometry of the mountain top changes. I need to plant the feet of the Mongolian and the Marmot on the floor at different angles for the walk cycles as it is not a flat trajectory. Unfortunately, another team member refused to give me the file for a while, so after a little nagging I finally got hold of it.

When I began the scene I was unsure how to have the Mongolian take the chicken back, as obviously he will not be seen by the Marmot until the final moment or after it has been taken. I spoke to my director regarding this and he wants the Mongolian to push the Marmot out of the way when he is about to eat the chicken. I like my movement of the Mongolian at this point, it reminds me of a computer game fighting pose - for example a Tekken move. The scene now just needs refining.

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