Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Scene 8: Run cycle

I have quickened the Marmot's run cycle as he seemed too slow to be properly running away from the Mongolian:

Although from the camera shot and scale of the scene it probably will not make much distance. I have done it in the cartoony fast run like in the Animatic as there is no way he could cover this much distance in the timeframe. Again we will probably get away with the feet being in different positions for example when landing and taking off again as he is so small compared to the environment and there are no close ups of the feet.

I know Sam is doing all the posh rendering with Ambient Occlusions etc, but I wanted to test a bit of rendering myself so I used my cartoon ramp shader again to see how it would look on one of our characters. I do actually think it looks pretty cool.

I then took the footage into After Effects and used the Luma Key to block out the black background, although he did lose some of his nose in the process I think it still suits the style

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