Thursday, 19 May 2011

Skips and Freefalling Updates/Reflection

I downloaded Rob's Mongol run cycle and added in my Marmot skip and here is the result.

I may quicken the skip slightly as the Mongolian runs faster than him, but I think the skip suits his cheeky personality and the dancing at the end better than my previous run cycles.

Now I have about finished this we can add to the running scenes and I can also do the stealing the chicken as he runs away from the Mongolian.

Getting there with the man now, Marmot only blocked out so will work on his movement tomorrow

Is this any better for the Man's movement?

But I did quicken it up and he now has the chicken in his hand, but we have decided since that I will continue with more of a proper run cycle rather than the skip. I only did this to try and inject some more life into the Marmot as at the moment he seems quite stale in terms of character. However it has been decided that the run looks better and I will pursue this from now on, and it has taught me not to try anything new without the approval of the director.

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