Thursday, 26 May 2011

Scene 14 Freefalling Update

I have been working today on the freefall scene, using the Woody arm flaps as inspiration for the ending so the Mongolian does not look like he is just floating. I have left the movement until the end to emphasise the realisation that the ground is getting closer and panic has set in. I like the movement I think it suits the scene well.

I do realise this is no where near finished especially with the movement of the Marmot. I again concentrated on the end so where he does the jumps over the Mongolian's head and now there are 3 chickens in the scene - one parented to each character and one for the air spin. The transition between the three is pretty good and hopefully you cannot tell.

Improvements for tomorrow:
  • Middle section - where marmot jumps on his arms I am going to try and get him to flap his arms and feet to gain height to jump on the man. This could be a reason the man tries to copy him aswell
  • Beginning Marmot- he moves down quicker than the man and he needs to be grabbing the chicken on the way down
  • Facial Expressions - realisation of man and happiness of marmot for getting it back, as well as struggle when they are fighting

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