Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Scene 14 Nearing the End :)

I have been focusing on making the Marmot’s landing believable by making sure he is aligned with the Mongol’s arm when he pauses and also that there is sufficient squash and stretch when he lands and takes off. I also realised that the Mongol’s arm was static when the Marmot landed on it, which I rectified to make it drop slightly with the weight.

I have also been adding another pass such as hand grabs and facial expressions. I much prefer using the blend shape sliders and taking expressions into the graph editor rather than utilising the facial expression controller. This is because they are not limited to zero to one and also in the Blend Shape Window they can be split into different sections such as controlling the brows or mouth rather than a long list of controllable attributes in the Attribute Editor, which can be confusing. Separating them gives me a clearer idea of what is keyed where, rather than the one controller having multiple keys.

I am hoping this is nearly the end of this scene now... i have improved some of the arm movement, added the hand overlaps/grabs, expressions, eye movements, weight of the marmot landing on the arm, head movements, and obv the camera... im sure there are some other bits too

I am going to concentrate on the other scenes too any changes to this can be made afterwards

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