Monday, 30 May 2011

Shot 7 Improvements

  • More weight in the head, it dips slightly as it turns
  • Shorter shot, no pause at the beginning
  • Expressions have been pushed further - less number means that they are not rushed or all over the place so his mouth is opening throughout the shot rather than too quickly at the end.
I hope this will be alright for the shot as it is very short and I need to convey the shock quickly, rather than the slow-mo gasps of CWACOM.
I'm hoping this will come across as a shocked expression. I have had some trouble with the eyebrows as for some when you use the Blend Shapes it moves the whole head, which I am guessing is due to not freeze transforming the blend shape heads before pairing them with the root head. Despite this I think they are looking better now I have not used the blend shape controller and just used the shapes. Another reason for this helping me to push the mouth open more is because you can set the values higher than 1 and lower than 0, meaning you are not limited to these values.

The only down side to the Mongolian rig, which I would like to look into, is changing the size of the eyes, as I think he would look better having his eyes also look larger, or one larger than the others like in the Pixar films.

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