Saturday, 13 November 2010

Marmot Reference

I found the above image looking through my photographs and thought he looked good inspiration for the Marmot as he looks cheeky, and has a large head and bid eyes to make him endearing to the audience. He is cute but you can tell he could be mischievous.

Just a few reference images for Marmots so everyone knows what they are.

I found this doorstop and thought his roundish shape may help for the design of the marmot, especially his leg positioning and where his weight is held

The body is really round so this would probably be slimlined for the Marmot.

Although it is quite cute. I am going to use this as reference for my concept art or poses. For example this could be good for the Mongolian looking down into his cute eyes...

This morning I have also watch the Tale of Despereaux, and really liked his design. I think if we removed his big ears, his face would be worth trying to emulate in some form, mainly because of his big eyes.

The big eyes and nose are essential to our Marmot, and these images show the expressions that Despereaux shows. The realistic looking eyes with large irises(?) work well with the character so I will look into that aswell.

Evidently he will have a different shaped jaw however, probably being more rounded or square to make it more prominent, and also no whiskers.

I know we have plenty of videos, but I couldn't resist... I am starting to think that maybe the arms could be a bit bigger with the Marmot though, or the tail definitely should be.

This one is good showing the Marmot infront of the background environment, kind of like on the cliff at the end of our film

Also this video shows one moving, and how important the tail will be to the animation. I think we need to make it really big so that it can 'flap' around like this.

Hey guys I just downloaded this from Creative Crash, I am going to practice on it for animation for the Marmot. David I don't know if this helps you for the shape of the Marmot as the body is kind of similar and he is on two legs.
Let me know if this is the kind of thing you want me to use for modelling the Marmot. If anyone else wants hi I just searched for 'rabbit' on the site, he is free and seems quite good with the controllers.

Marmot walk cycle from psybanana on Vimeo.

I just found this video of a Marmot walk cycle, this person has used four legs instead of two what do you reckon?

I also quickly just did this little walk on the Rabbit rig, I am going to try and make it faster but I liked having more of a hop or bounce to his walk as it makes him look more cartoony. I will test it faster tomorrow to see if it will look like too much movement on a run as this will not come across well in the animation.

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