Saturday, 13 November 2010

Character Biographies


The Mongolian is in his late twenties/early thirties, and is quite a loner and enjoys living a tranquil life by himself in his own tent. He likes to move around and explore the freedom of Mongolia with its beautiful scenery, and has rested in an idyllic spot near a ruin and natural woodland and hills.

However, being nomadic he is also rather poor and cannot afford any cattle to move around with him, so any food he has is greatly appreciated as it is scarce. He is very overprotective of it and will protect it to the death. Being antisocial has also made him rather aggressive and prone to attacking anything that comes near his food.

His poverty and lack of food has impacted his size, making him somewhat anorexic looking. This impacts his fitness levels making him look somewhat gangly when he runs and gives him a lack of stamina, aggravating him even more when chasing after his prey.


Wild to the medieval planes of Mongolia, this Marmot is always on the look out for any meal it can find. He is cheeky, often managing to sneak right in front of humans and steal their food before making a break for it and devouring the meal. He must be cunning in order to survive in these harsh conditions so he does not become prey to both humans and other Mongolian creatures. Can often be found hiding waiting for the opportune moment to strike. He is fast moving despite having a relatively round body, using it to his advantage to propel himself forward (learned from a lot of practice of running away).

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