Saturday, 13 November 2010

Initial Shot List

Mongol and the Marmot


  • Establishing shot- extreme long shot

Movement: Pan down towards yurt

  • Over the shoulder shot bush looking Mongol stood over pot
  • POV inside pot- Mongol opens pot smells stew
  • Very Long Shot – Marmot comes out of bush
  • Over the shoulder shot- Mongol looking in pot, Marmot running towards food
  • Choke shot of the Marmot biting food
  • Return to previous Over the shoulder shot, head turns round, Marmot jumps down
  • Extreme Close-Up on eyes


  • Over the shoulder- two shot Mongol chasing Marmot
  • ‘CCTV’ shot from temple showing them run past into forest
  • Arial shot ‘Bird’s eye view’
  • Long shot running through trees
  • Side Long Shot running towards cliff
  • Low angle shot infront of Marmot


  • Mid-long shot bird in silhouette swoops down
  • Close up of man’s reaction
  • Long-very long shot of him being carried away
  • Camera pans to show them flying off into the distance


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