Saturday, 13 November 2010

Film Choices and Plan

So after the pitching process, here were my notes on the films presented. If they have a tick next to the names then I would like to work on the films, if they have a cross then I am not interested.

The final scan shows which films were green lit. Unfortunately my favourite was David's Mongol and the Marmot. After some discussion with a couple of other class members and also our tutors, this film will now be put into production as a shorter film. Although we may have to produce two films in order to have enough material for our Degree if they are to remain at thirty seconds each.

The Plan
Plan for the weekend.
Tara, Dean and Sam will be working on their new 30 seconds idea.
Hayley - researching artistic styles, Mongolian culture.
David - Will be condensing the story to a 30 second piece and will start re designing characters and concepts based on the previous rough designs.

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