Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Final Scene Six

Here is the new rough sequence for the Marmot stealing the chicken as drawn by Tara. The 'love' sequence will come inbetween Dean's sneak up behind the Mongol and my stealing the chicken. As I was working on Scene twenty one still, Rob animated this short sequence and I changed my Scene six later that night.

The sequence required Dean's tree stump to be used for the Mongolian to have the chicken resting on. As Dean had not scaled the object properly, here is the scale as it appeared in my scene and also the Facebook conversation I had with Rob in order to keep the scene consistent:

It was not only the scale but the positioning of the stump that was also important, so Rob sent me the co-ordinates to make sure they were exactly lined up:

Here is my final sequence for scene six, which has been the last of my scenes to be completed. I kept in the hat movement from before as it shows secondary action and also emphasises the shock of the Mongolian when the chicken is taken. The only real change are the positions of his arms and also the direction the Marmot moves in as this was changed to accommodate the tree stump within the scene. I am happier with it now and as far as I know so is the Director. I am a little unsure about the whole 'love' sequence and I am sure there could have been a better way to do this, but due to time constraints I am sure it will suffice.

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