Friday, 3 June 2011

Feedback and Changes to Shots

After discussing my shots with my tutor and producer, then ringing our director, I have the following changes to make:

Scene six:
  • make Mongol look away from the Marmot when he steals the chicken
  • Marmot runs off faster
  • Mongol arms are not twinned and land at different times
Scene seven:
  • Eyebrow movement not as extreme or distracting
Scene Sixteen:
  • Arms and legs have faster movement
  • Hold Marmot squash for longer - another frame
  • Mongol reacts - shakes fist - to Marmot taking the chicken
  • Faster fall at the end with quicker camera move
Scene Twenty- One
  • Mongol doesn't barge Marmot out of the way, instead comes behind him and takes the chicken
  • General work all over especially on the arms
I have got the weekend to finish these shots which is an extension of three days to address the changes. I am going to Manchester on Sunday so it is unlikely I will work much then - although I am taking my laptop with me.

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