Friday, 17 June 2011

'It Ain't Over Yet...'

I have two laptops and spent the final night putting my folders together and this is the screen both of them treated me with at different stages... got to love deadline days :/

Here is my finished DVD case ready to be handed in, hope I have done enough for a good grade

Yesterday was very traumatic for me as I turned up to Ravensbourne expecting to see renders of my work and them in the final film. What I found was that Sam had cut them almost completely and there was less than half a second of my work in the film. I had not been made aware of this until I was sat watching the film and some of my shots had been replaced by in my opinion unfinished second year work, whichI do not think is acceptable.
The hand in for the Degree Show is next Thursday, and I have been given until then to tweak a couple of the shots such as the freefall and the man grabbing the chicken so that they can make it into the final piece. I cannot wait to get this done, and I am somewhat annoyed that if I had not have come in yesterday I would not have had any work in the film for the degree show, especially when my main folder in animation...

But I am going to have a bit of a rest after a manic few weeks, well year and will start these changes on Sunday.

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