Saturday, 4 June 2011

Animation Updates Fourth June

scene six

I had feedback to make the Mongolian be looking away from the Marmot and possibly be rubbing his hands. This somewhat confused me as the animatic shows the Marmot literally swiping the chicken away from the Mongolian and running away and this kind of build up is from the previous scene. When I came into University I saw another team member had done the hand rubbing so now my scene had to be cut down rather than extended. I had the Mongol adjusting his hat as a quicker simpler method of him looking away from the Marmot, yet the scene is now going to be changed yet again in order to make it clearer the chicken is the ultimate goal of the film and this shot will now just be the ending of the sequence.

scene seven

This is the faster reaction shot after the Marmot has stolen the chicken. I have made the movement of the eyebrows much smaller so they do not look as crazy and distracting from the whole movement of the shocked expression. Likewise the mouth does not open as much as this affected the movement of the brows due to the way another member had attached the blend shapes.

scene twenty one

This is the scene that I have probably worked on the least over the weekend even though it is the one that needs the most work. I have done some updates with the way he pushes up off of the cliff and also him coming behind the Marmot and grabbing the chicken off of him. This was easier to animate than him pushing the Marmot over, and also maintains that the chicken is the most important driving force of the film, not the Mongolian versus the Marmot otherwise they would have been attacking each other throughout. This shot will be concentrated more on Monday or Tuesday with an intensive session, as I want to concentrate on it rather than fitting it between scenes which is what I tend to do.

I am starting to realise that I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on one scene at a time if I have multiple shots to complete. For example if I have a few shots at a time I may work on one for half a day or a day and move on to another without finishing them. Evidently at this stage it is necessary to complete the shots as we are at the end of production.

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