Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mongolian Expressions and January Sketches

Prop sketches, as I will be modelling the bowl and maybe other items:

Poses for the Mongolian:

I had an idea of the Mongolian shooting an arrow at the marmot and it instead going through the food and hitting a tree, carrying the Marmot with it. I deemed this too violent however and it would also wreck the food they are fighting over.

Planning scenes

Run Pose
Poses for getting up

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rocks,Bowl and Chopsticks

Very Rough Storyboard Sequence

Obviously this would be more detailed with the Marmot coming in to peer at the man and carefully snatching the food, oh and the tail is hitting him around the face lol.

Tom and Jerry Inspiration

I really like the bit in this next video where Tom goes to eat the meet and it isnt there and it takes him a few seconds to realise... that could be quite funny for the man to do when the marmot has taken it. Also he could stand on the Marmot's tail like that

Afew Sketches and Man Expressions

Rendering Again

Snatched Render Test from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

Just been carrying on with my work for Dan and thought I would test a camera move on an animated model using the toon shader I used before.

I think we could really make this look awesome if we test it further, adding highlights or whatever.

Also, I thought it would look really effective if we didn't do it to the eyes and try to make them look realistic. They will stand out and also give a consistent point for the audience to look at.

Oh he is saying 'This is Sparta' by the way :P

Limbo Research

Guys this is really nice, Alex Bax posted it on Facebook, shows what atmosphere you can create without much colour.


I was watching the Bruno Mars video, and at just over a minute it shows him over a background it looks really cool- what do you reckon for our film?

I tried using a Ramp Shader to make the outline and then have the rest of the scene black then used After Effects and the Luma Key to remove it. I think it could look quite cool and you can use a few colours to add shadows or highlights.

It would look like a scroll story... what do you reckon?

Back to the drawing board...

Mongolian drawings... god knows what Mike wants

Mongolian aka Santa

Mongolian with really skinny features and a massive head


Here are the presentation slides so everyone knows where their bits are and the order. I have added a slide after the tests: titles for the test render of the first scene as I thought that would be good to finish on.
The squares are where there are videos, just not put them on yet.

This is my contribution to the project so far:

Also on the slides is our production schedule, we aim to have our modelling and rigging done by the time we begin the second term then we can spend enough time on the animation and compositing so we have a decent film.

Presentation Animation Tests

Animation Tests put together for the presentation...

snatched animation tests from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

Here is also our animatic so far:

Water Test Number One and Fall Over

Just a quick test I did by making a water shader, don't know how detailed you want it as it will only be in shot quickly, and obviously in the shape of a stream. Also do you want it to be animated and moving water or is still like this enough?

Fall Over Animation:

fall over test from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.


The new idea for the ending is that the Eagle flies off into the distance and the Mongol attempts to fly after the Marmot and the Chicken, and does so by standing at the edge of the cliff and strapping leaves to himself. For this I tried to make this leaf:

To make the shape I used the curve tool to make the shape and then revolved it and shapes it into a flattish shape.

I also added in some joints to make the leaf be able to flap and move. It could also be replicated and scaled in order to float down as the characters are running through the forest section.

there is also a scene where the characters run into a cart, so following my research into traditional Mongolian carts, here is my result:

Render obviously without texturing:

Also did a quick test of an environment terrain for them to run across as no one else has attempted this yet. The water is simply a lambert with the opacity turned down slightly.