Thursday, 20 January 2011


The new idea for the ending is that the Eagle flies off into the distance and the Mongol attempts to fly after the Marmot and the Chicken, and does so by standing at the edge of the cliff and strapping leaves to himself. For this I tried to make this leaf:

To make the shape I used the curve tool to make the shape and then revolved it and shapes it into a flattish shape.

I also added in some joints to make the leaf be able to flap and move. It could also be replicated and scaled in order to float down as the characters are running through the forest section.

there is also a scene where the characters run into a cart, so following my research into traditional Mongolian carts, here is my result:

Render obviously without texturing:

Also did a quick test of an environment terrain for them to run across as no one else has attempted this yet. The water is simply a lambert with the opacity turned down slightly.

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