Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cars Race Sequence

I have put this video up in relation to a kind of chase and the camera angles they use. They cut from the long shots to point of view shots quite a few times. And I think that when the Marmot and the Man are running they need to be dodging things rather than just running, there needs to be a sense of danger to the environment, like the man tripping up on a stone or even picking them up and throwing them at the Marmot, which would be looking behind him and dodging left to right. In the forest the man could be climbing through the branches of the trees while the Marmot just runs straight through the undergrowth.

I also like the slow motion and McQueen sticking his tongue out at the end, there could be some kind of jump with this in it looks funny and a slow mo could show the expression change of the man thinking he has the Marmot to realising it has been grabbed by the bird, depending if you want to go that way David.

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