Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mongolian Character Sheets and Asset List

Here are the Mongolian Character sheets so far that will be used in the presentation. They feature images from myself, David and Diego.

David's developed concepts:

I do feel the character could be more cartoony as look more like the scrolls and Mongolian artwork that I have found earlier in the blog. I think this style would look better for the film as well as being easier to model and rig.

Also this is the Asset List so far:

  • Mongolian - Tara
  • Marmot - Hayley
  • Eagle -Sam
  • Hut -Dean
  • Cooking Pot -Dean
  • Fireplace/Fire -Hayley
  • Food (probably about 3 pieces?) -David
  • Stew for in Cooking Pot -Dean
  • Trees – 10 should be enough? -Sam?
  • Ruined temple front -David
  • Cooking accessories (probably 2/3) -David
  • Bush near hut -Sam/Tara

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