Sunday, 6 February 2011

Testing Fire and Cloth

One of the things we may use in the environment is cloth, either swaying in the breeze to populate the environment - for example hung up or on the doorway of the Mongolian's Yurt - or for his clothes. The above video is a basic attempt of practicing with cloth to get a feel for the settings, and then I followed this tutorial to make the cloth look as if wind is acting upon it:

Firstly took the cloth:

Then made it a softbody so that it will react to the wind:

I had to paint the softbody weight onto the cloth so that the force acted stronger at the bottom of the cloth. This is due to the cloth being held in place as it would on the Yurt.

Finally I used the expression editor in order to make the movement of the cloth more random rather than it all moving in exactly the same way at the same time, which is more natural.

This cyclinder is to show the positioning of the Yurt:

And here is the result:

Again experimenting with fluids to create fire:

I do not even know if these tests will be used in the final film depending on the direction and simplicity that the group decides to take, but I have found that I enjoy creating these kind of effects and hope that I can pursue it in the future. This would probably stand me in good stead for visual effects work, especially if I can combine it with a compositing package such as After Effects.

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